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100 ml
가격문의   18. HRP-Juice (Code 10314).pdf
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100 ml
가격문의   19. HRP-Juice PLUS (Code 10315).pdf
AP-Juice with Enhancer, 450nmLB
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100 ml
가격문의   2. AP-Juice with Enhancer, 450nmLB (Code 103213).pdf
AP-Juice without Enhancer, 1xLB
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100 ml
가격문의   3. AP-Juice with Enhancer, 1xLB (Code 103223).pdf

HRP-Juice, two bottle
Our stabilized ultra-sensitive Luminol based substrates detect horseradish peroxidase at femtogram level and our chemiluminescent systems 3 to 5 more times sensitive than our best competitor. These reagents are stable for 21 days after mixing when stored at 4°C.
Additional Informations
Storage: Store the reagent bottles, HRP-A and HRP-B, at 4-8 °C.

Usage: Mix equal volumes of HRP-A and HRP-B in a clean container and equilibrate at room temperature for 30 minutes before use. Do not contaminate the HRP enzyme substrate with HRP enzyme or other proteins.HRP enzyme substrate has a wide range to detect HRP enzyme in solution as well as in ELISA. The lower enzyme concentration may be a few femto grams and the highest concentration HRP of enzyme may be one nano gram depending on the source of the HRP enzyme.

For good results, wash your tube or micro titer plate or membrane with 0.2M phosphate buffer, pH 8.4 to 8.6, and then use the substrate. Best results for chemiluminescence can be obtained from 2 minutes to 20 minutes after contacting substrate with HRP enzyme.
Alkaline Phosphatase

AP Juice
PJK´s series of stabilized chemiluminescent 1, 2-dioxetanes substrates can detect AP enzyme at the attogram level over a period of a few minutes.

  • Blotting (Nitrocellulose Membrane, PDVF, Nylon)
  • Reporter Gene Assays
  • Immunoassays
  • Quantitative PCR

Advantages of Chemiluminescent Substrates for AP:

  • Formulated for two wavelength (450nm and 540nm) Safe- contains no organic solvents and no radioactive materials.
  • Unsurpassed signal-up to 15 times brighter than leading commercial reagents.
  • Low background-high signal to noise ratio allows increased signal without sacrifice.
  • Steady glow-long lasting light emission without signal decay for up to four hours..
  • Convenient-ready to use single bottle reagent requires no additional enhancers.
  • Consistent results-reproducible results and ideal for automatic or manual systems.
  • Very sensitive-less than one attogram of alkaline phosphatase has been detected.
  • Wide dynamic range-5 to 6 log dynamic range standard curves over a broad range of times.
  • Detection platforms-solution phase applications, membrane based applications and single tube or microplate format applications.

Alkaline phosphatase (orthophosphoric monoester phosphohydrolase, alkaline optimum, AP) are found primarily in animal tissue and microorganism. AP used in enzyme immunoassays (EIA) are isolated from bovine intestinal mucosa or from E. coli. These enzymes have considerable differences in thier properties and should not be assayed under identical conditions. The bacterial enzyme has lower activity than the bovine intestinal enzyme.

Alkaline phosphatases hydrolyses numerous esters, such as those of primary and secondary alcohols, phenols and amines.  A major reason for the popularity of alkaline phosphatases for EIA is ist absence from higher plants. The enzyme is abundant in animals and human tissues involved in nutrient transport and in developing tissues and secretor organs, but it is not found in significant amounts in muscle, connective tissue or cartilage. Some pathological conditions increase alkaline phosphatase activities in sera.

The enzyme transfers the phosphoryl residue via phosphoryl-enzyme intermediate, which can be repressed by organic phosphate. The comparative dtection limit of AP using fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence and colorimetric techniques are 10 - 19M (6x104 molecules), 3 x 10-19M (1.8 x 105 molecules) and 5 x 10-17M (3 x 108 molecules), respectively. Stabilized 1, 2-dioxetane substrates provide high signal, low background, wide dynamic range, rapid results and exellent reproducibility. These 1, 2-dioxetanes provide substrates which are highly sensitive but can detect an enzyme concentration up to 10-21M (6x102 molecules of AP) in solution as well as on membrane.



1. HRP-A 50ml
2. HRP-B 50ml

AP-Juice with Enhancer, 450nm LB

1. AP-Juice Enh. 450 nm LB 100 ml

: Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate with Enhancer-450nm in buffer with Low Background


AP-Juice without Enhancer, 1x Low Background

1. AP-Juice without Enhancer, 1 x LB 100 ml

: Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate in buffer without Enhancer.

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