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CAR Receptor Booster


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CAR Receptor Booster
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  • 범용적으로 사용 가능 - CAR receptor가 적다고 알려진 hematopoietic cell과 CHO cell을 포함한 대부분의 cell에 adenovirus를 transduce시킬 때 사용
  • transduction 효율 증가 - 일시적으로 목적 cell의 adenoviral receptor의 농도를 증가 시켜는 원리
  • 간단한 프로토콜- virus를 intectioin시키기 2시간 이전에 타겟 세포와 CAR receptor booster(concentrated exosome-like vesicles)를 pre-incubation
  • 세포 표면에 CAR(coxsackie and adenovirus receptor protein) density 증가
  • Gene delivery using recombinant adenovirus

그림. CAR Receptor Boosters are concentrated exosome-like vesicles that are applied to your target cells prior to infection with adenovirus. Boosters result in increased transduction efficiency because treatment increases the cell surface density of the receptor recognized by the adenovirus. Using this technology, you can now even transduce hematopoietic cell types with adenovirus by simply pre-treating the cells with the CAR Receptor Booster, or you can use the technology to equalize the infection efficiency across multiple target cell types.

그림. Adenoviral transduction of CHO-K1 cells is facilitated by pre-treatment with CAR Receptor Booster. CHO-K1 cells were plated 24 hr prior to transduction, and treated for 2 hr with 10 μl of CAR Receptor Booster according to the protocol. The cells were then incubated with Adeno-X LacZ virus (MOI=34) for 72 hr and stained for beta galactosidase expression. Only the CHO-K1 cells that were pre-treated with the CAR Receptor Booster were successfully transduced with adenovirus.

그림. Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) that are normally resistant to transduction by adenovirus vectors are rendered susceptible by treatment with the CAR Receptor Booster. hMSCs were plated in 6 well plates 24 hr prior to transduction. CAR Receptor Booster (20 μl) was added, and the cells were incubated for 2 hr at 37°C followed by addition of Adeno-X ZsGreen1 virus (MOI~190). Cells were assayed for fluorescence activity 24 hr post transduction.

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